Account Director 公关客户总监
公司名称: 伟达(中国)公共关系顾问有限公司
招聘职位: Account Director 公关客户总监
职位属性: 普通
人 数: 1人
有效期: 2个月
薪 资: 面议
工作地点: 北京市朝阳区CBD
学历要求: 本科以上
工作性质: 全职
从业年限: 6年以上
职业背景: 、广告/公关/市场推广/会展、
工作职责: 1.Client Service
Ability to upsell sell value-add programs/services to current clients.
Draws out the best thinking of clients and to ensure pragmatic, well-executed outcomes.
Supervises and sets direction of activities in at least three accounts, including client needs, staffing, strategy and budgeting.
Delegates client assignments, supervise others and work with other practices and offices.
Truly models Best Teams practices by drawing on a vast network of H&K and WPP colleagues to develop and serve clients with the deepest possible expertise.
Knows the tools, proprietary insights and methodologies available within H&K to best serve clients without creating new ones.
Reconstitutes knowledge into marketable, reusable assets to develop new offerings by anticipating needs or meeting demands of current clients.
Generates high value by moving the client organization to undertake and enact major change.
Positions the firm and other colleagues with clients in ways that build a true institutional partnership.
Responsible for building and maintaining client relationships.
Has authoritative knowledge of multiple industries and business trends.
Assists Ds in executing client satisfaction programs.
Manages and reviews key client deliverables (i.e. messaging, branding, executive coaching, communications/marketing plans, strategy documents).
Identifies “next level” thinking/ideas for clients by tracking industry trends and activities.
Assumes creative and strategic direction and oversight on all account assignments.
Has regular client contact to ensure the client is satisfied with account activity.
Is proactive with clients to address any issues of dissatisfaction.
2.Self/Staff Management
Manages multiple account teams effectively, including daily supervision of subordinates including professional and administrative staff.
Knows the resources within office (i.e. HR Manager, IT, Financial Manager, etc) and directs staff to appropriate resources to solve problems.
Proactively gives informal constructive feedback to subordinates on a regular and timely basis.
Effective communicator and role model to others within team, practice and H&K network.
Works with supervisor to address and enforce personnel issues related to team, including developing, recognizing and rewarding top performers and the ability to make tough decisions on those whose performance does not meet expectations.
Assists subordinates with defining a career path and identifying a niche in which each team member can succeed.
Identifies top performers and assigns client work and projects that will motivate, encourage, and retain them.
Approves/reviews staffing assignments of all direct reports.
Helps direct or is integrally involved in a core service, asset group or practice niche.
Manages and tracks individual team members’ utilization numbers throughout the month to ensure goals are being met.
3.Financial Management
Manages average client annual billings.
Aligns client expectations with budgets.
Accurately projects revenues on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis for team’s clients.
Delivers revenue and account profitability at least as much as projected for each client on a monthly basis.
Ensures write offs for clients do not exceed 5% annually.
Ensures 85% of accounts receivables for team clients are less than 60 days outstanding.
Reviews and approves all monthly invoice packages and ensures all office deadlines are met.
Ensures that all account financial matters are handled in a timely and accurate manner.
Ensures that monthly and/or weekly budget status reports are completed as part of budget-tracking process.
Reviews and approves subordinates timesheets within 24 hours of the week/month closing.
Ensures H&K is compensated fairly for its time by managing and limiting “R” time.
4.New Business
Identifies business opportunities on current accounts and within H&K network.
Orchestrates the creation and development of all new business proposals.
Keeps finance team informed of new projects, particularly inter-company activities, to ensure the appropriate paperwork is completed.
Leads teams through RFP process.
Engages in discussions with key potential client executives to gain access into their firm or industry.
Converts opportunities by building strategic relationships with clients or potential clients to demonstrate H&K value.
Utilizes global H&K and WPP resources to potential client contacts to meet strategic communication needs of that client.
Responsible for development of new products/services.
Serves as primary point-of-contact in working with H&K staff to prepare client agreements.
Leads new business pitches and presentations.
Any additional works assigned by company.
岗位要求: 1.7- 8 years of agency experience or equivalent
2.Specialized industry knowledge plus specialized skills in one or more key practice areas within H&K
3.Proven experience managing a team from a financial, client delivery and staffing perspective
4.Proven ability to: write new business proposals;manage, retain and grow multiple accounts;create and manage multiple budgets;expand client business;develop strategic communication programs
5.Possesses solid presentation skills, including ability to communicate and sell ideas to prospects
6.Proven leadership skills and sales ability
7.Has an established network of senior industry and media contacts