公司名称: 万卓环球通讯顾问(北京)有限公司
职位属性: 紧急
人 数: 1人
有效期: 3个月
薪 资: 面议
工作地点: 北京市朝阳区东大桥
学历要求: 本科以上
工作性质: 全职
从业年限: 6年以上
职业背景: 广告/公关/市场推广/会展
工作职责: Client Service:
Contribute to strategic planning process
Provide strategic communications advice to clients and serve as a strategic resource and
champion to clients, based on knowledge of the clients industry, technology and major
products/ services; competitors’ products and strategies; and emerging technology and
industry trends/ issues
Manage client relationship and client satisfaction. Hold regular meetings and/or maintain
regular phone or written contact to keep key clients apprised of WE work progress, address
issues that appear and solicit feedback from clients, and assess PR results against client
expectations. Manage the development of client scorecards and resulting actions.
Manage the marketing of PR results back to clients
Apply understanding of business, legal implications and industry trends and communications
practices to your clients’ issues.
When called for, manage crisis communications. Anticipate potential challenges and develop
a plan to put forth appropriate positioning to minimize negative perception.
Monitor teams’ fiscal responsibility, managing budgets and resources efficiently.
Forecast, propose and track budgets. Manage single or multiple accounts in the client(s)
Actively identify opportunities to leverage agency services implementing as a means to
increasing revenue and improving client satisfaction.
Media Relations:
Develop and maintain relationships with senior influential, providing strategic advice and
information relevant to their audiences. Provide broader context of client’s business and longterm positioning, and place in the marketplace (vis-à-vis competitors).
Provide advice and expertise to clients on strategies to improve media relations activities
Proactively craft and place stories, shape broad industry themes and story lines, and negotiate
client inclusion in coverage.
Solicit feedback from influential regarding their perception of your client/s, competition and
industry position as appropriate.
Solicit feedback from influential regarding WE agency value-add and service, share with
agency senior leaders, and develop proposals to improve or further develop influential
Identify and build relationships with new and emerging influential.
Coach team on agency “best practices” in engaging with influential story placement and
Identify broad trends among media and analyst communities and translate significance to
team and staff and clients.
Plan develop and implement short and long-term media relations strategies, programs and
Establish Media Relations standards and performance objectives to ensure results are
measured and achieved, and recommend ways to improve efficiency
Agency Business:
Understand and meet WE guidelines on best business practices including team financial and
resource management, utilization, daily timesheets, accurate billing, timely expense reports,
etc. Keep senior leaders informed of what is transpiring with their business on a frequent
basis, and ask for assistance when needed.
Monitor team financial and resource management issues, making recommendations to Senior
Management on areas of improvement. Track team utilisation
Make presentations to groups of all sizes – both client and agency, small and large, formal
and informal.
Develop and deliver agency learning forums to share knowledge and increase leadership
Participate in professional development opportunities for personal continued growth.
Participate in team or agency projects as requested.
Contribute to the development of and support for local strategic planning initiatives.
Seek out and develop new business opportunities within your existing account/s as well as
other areas of business. Leverage WE client services. Participate in new business
Share agency vision with team and advocate team’s/clients’ goals to agency leaders.
Add information to WE database based on coverage, contact with and research of influential.
Work with practice leads to identify and realise growth potential of markets.
Manage client Profit and Loss accounts appropriately ensuring commercial awareness and
People Management:
Coach, mentor and motivate staff with the goal of retention.
Lead and supervise a small team and manage direct reports.
Train and identify learning opportunities for team members on media relations, client service,
strategy, and agency business.
Evaluate performance and develop written performance plans for direct reports and ensure all
team reviews are done on time.
Lead by example demonstrating flexibility and robustness.
Provide support to current team members who are ready for a transition.
Play integral role in staff planning. Give clients advance notice of changes when possible.
Responsible for team staffing efforts which include interviewing, evaluation and selection of
candidates. Continually look for talent for the agency.
Define integration process and appropriate training/shadow opportunities.
岗位要求: Bachelor degree a must. Advanced or specialty degree a bonus.
• 6+ years’ experience that ideally includes mix of agency and in-house corporate experience.
• Experience working with B2B Clients. Ability to work with clients of all stripes from local to global
• Minimum of 3 years individual and team management experience, including experience developing a
• Minimum of 3 years execution experience, including developing plans, launch strategies, product
positioning, pitching strategies, negotiation, budget responsibility, training and creative tactical ideas.
• Business development experience – proposal development to pitching.